Meet the FOAMSTARS in the Open Beta Party

We introduce the colorful cast of this foam-filled multiplayer shooter and showcase some of their awesome abilities.
By Square Enix

FOAMSTARS is a fun, fast and foam-filled new multiplayer shooter that pits two teams of colorful characters against one another in brilliantly bubbly battles… and now you can experience it for yourselves!

The FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party is about to get underway - and everyone’s invited!

Between the dates listed below, every PlayStation 5 player can join the fun and take on rival teams in two awesome multiplayer modes - no PSN subscription needed!

  • Smash the Star - After knocking out seven enemy players, the best player on the opposing team will be chosen as the "Star Player." Win by knocking out the opposing team's Star Player. Protecting your team's Star Player can result in an epic comeback!

  • Happy Bath Survival - A battle where two players are placed in an inner arena, and two on the outside. Knock out the opponents in the arena to win! The battle will continue until one team's two combatants are knocked out. Players out of the arena can support their allies and also obstruct the other team. There is a maximum of three rounds, and the team to get two wins first will be crowned the victors.

The FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party runs:

  • September 29, 6pm PDT - October 1, 11.59pm PDT
  • September 30, 2am BST - October 2, 7.59pm BST
  • September 30, 3am CET - October 2, 8.59pm CET
  • September 30, 10am JST - October 2, 3.59pm JST

Join the Open Beta Party and you'll get an exclusive skin for Soa in the full game!

Please note that this is intended as a network test, so there may be connectivity issues and other such oddities. After all, it’s what we’re testing for!


Take part in the Open Beta Party, and you’ll be able to choose to play as eight very different eight bright and vibrant FOAMSTARS, each one with their own distinct skillset, playstyle and personality.

Who you choose to play as is entirely up to you - for example, do you favor the acrobatic agility of Soa or the long-range expertise of The Baristador? Do you like to get up close and personal with Jet Justice or go for full-on foam with the missile-launching Mel T?

Whoever you pick, just remember this: there is no ‘correct’ choice. Each character is viable, so it’s up to you to discover their strengths - and use them to help your team to success.

So, as the Beta preparation gets underway, we thought we’d showcase these fantastic FOAMSTARS and tell you a little about what they can do. Each has unique attributes that are specific to them:

  • A foam gun type
  • A bubble beastie partner
  • Two skills - these can be unleashed at any time, but require cooldowns to reuse.
  • A Super Star Skill - a super-powerful ability that must be charged up to use.

So without further ado, let’s introduce the cast:


Soa character art and description

Soa is a stylish idol who has mastered the art of acrobatically controlling bubbles.

She was born with the innate ability to control bubbles, and although she initially resented this power, she’s come to accept it as part of who she is. She decided to compete in FOAMSMASH, believing that it is the best place to show her uniqueness.

  • Foam Gun: Twinkle Groove (Dual Pistol Type) - Rapidly fire numerous bubbles continuously from dual wielded pistols.

  • Bubble Beastie: Spiky

  • Skill-A: Fires a barrage of shots with a nimble flip.

  • Skill-B: Hurls Spiky a long way off. It sticks to the ground or wall where it lands and causes a huge explosion.

  • Super Star Skill: Soa rolls around inside a massive Spiky, blasting away any rivals she bumps into.


ΔGITO character art and description

ΔGITO is a pro-gamer who continues to dominate the world of e-sports. He’s already reached the pinnacle of many different games and was victorious in multiple world-famous competitions.

Hyped up with relentless victory, Agito chose FOAMSMASH as the next game to conquer.

  • Foam Gun: MURΔMΔSΔ (Shotgun Type) - Shoots high-power buckshot bubbles. It is especially powerful at close range.

  • Bubble Beastie: KIRIMΔRU

  • Skill-A: Makes ΔGITO sink under the foam with KIRIMΔRU and move around at high speed while the button is pressed. He leaps out when the button is released.

  • Skill-B: Hurls a bubbly exploding shuriken, which can blast away ΔGITO himself as well as rivals.

  • Super Star Skill: Makes KIRIMΔRU grow huge and race off like a torpedo, chasing down nearby rivals.


Tonix character art and description

Tonix is a genius inventor. She is bursting with curiosity and is eager to test her inventions on the battlefield.

While there are successful inventions she creates, sometimes she also gives birth to weird inventions. She has affection towards all of her inventions and treat them as if they are her children.

  • Foam Gun:* Her Majesty Queen Soda (Charge Burst Rifle Type) - Burst-fires 5 bubbles at once. Charge and shoot a foam grenade by holding the trigger.

  • Bubble Beastie: Squash

  • Skill-A: Sets up a turret gun that locks on and continuously targets any rivals that come in range.

  • Skill-B: Unleashes an exploding foam bomb that chases down nearby rivals.

  • Super Star Skill: Summons a massive foam blaster robot. The robot targets the closest rival with three shots from the mega-foam cannon.

Jet Justice

Jet Justice character art and description

Jet Justice is a self-proclaimed hero and peacekeeper. Even today, he prowls the streets to keep them safe.

He was born and raised in Bath Vegas and loves it with all his heart. Every day, he fights for peace of his hometown with handcrafted suits and his made-up identity as a civilian hero.

  • Foam Gun: Jet Blaster (Shotgun Type) - Shoots buckshot bubbles. Charge and shoot a giant bubble by holding the trigger.

  • Bubble Beastie: Graviton

  • Skill-A: Uses jet propulsion to lunge forward before making a powerful landing.

  • Skill-B: Shoots Graviton out in a straight line, who draws surrounding rivals in towards a single point.

  • Super Star Skill: Creates a shield that repels rival foam shots.

Mel T

Mel T character art and description

Mel T is the owner and face of an ice cream brand. She might appear innocent and cute but this CEO packs a punch.

As soon as she entered FOAMSMASH for promoting her ice cream brand Meltie’s, she became an idol of the competition. She never forgets to promote her brand even in the midst of battle.

  • Foam Gun: Heartful Delivery (Homing Launcher Type) - Shoots ice cream-shaped foam missiles. The foam missiles will home in on enemies being aimed at.

  • Bubble Beastie: Candy

  • Skill-A: Summon Candy and have it fire loads of soap suds.

  • Skill-B: Fires ice cream missiles that target a particular point with a bubble bombardment.

  • Super Star Skill: Fires a cream laser that can be moved with the camera controls while it's energized.

The Baristador

The Baristador character art and description

A gentleman full of mystery. Some might find it hard to believe he is the unassuming owner of café bar. He’s utterly devoted to brewing exceptional-tasting coffee.

His knowledge of Bath Vegas is second to none - perhaps he’s been living there for longer than people realize…

  • Foam Gun: Coffee Breaker (Long Hose Type) - Sprays a stream of foam over a long distance. It is easy to use at mid-range too.

  • Bubble Beastie: Toraja

  • Skill-A: Shoots out Toraja, who quickly creates a foam path ahead, and then sprays foam around for a while.

  • Skill-B: Unleashes a syphon-style missile that creates a wall of froth where it strikes.

  • Super Star Skill: Sends Toraja up high to unleash a foaming milk laser on a particular location.

Rave Breaker

Rave Breaker character art and description

Rave Breaker is a clean freak who wants to sanitize the competition.

As far as he’s concerned, parties are filthy and partygoers are fools. He’s so convinced of this, that he enters the FOAMSMASH to use his own foam to ‘disinfect the virus’ - in other words, take out the other players who are just trying to have a good time.

  • Foam Gun: World Sanitizer (Wide Hose Type) - Sprays a stream of foam across a wide area. It is easy to use at close to mid-range.

  • Bubble Beastie: Roly-Moley

  • Skill-A: Rave Breaker dives down and moves around under the foam while the button is pressed. When it's released, he leaps out and trashes the bubbles.

  • Skill-B: Hurls Roly-Moley, who gets hidden in the foam where it lands. When a rival approaches, it explodes and wipe out foam.

  • Super Star Skill: Unleashes a super-powerful Roly-Moley that sucks up surrounding rivals and foam.

Pen Gwyn

Pen Gwyn character art and description

Pen Gwyn is a penguin soldier and is ready to chill anyone who stands in the way of her fight against global warming.

She was adopted and raised by penguins in Antarctica. Her dream is to use the winnings from FOAMSMASH to stop the shrinkage of Antarctica.

  • Foam Gun: PNG-90S (Assault Rifle Type) - A highly accurate weapon that shoots numerous bubbles continuously. It is easy to use at mid-range.

  • Bubble Beasties: Slider, Waddler, Emp

  • Skill-A: Summons Waddler to fire a concentrated barrage of foam shots to the fore.

  • Skill-B: Sends Slider off ahead, sliding over the ground and creating a path of foam.

  • Super Star Skill: Sends Emp forging ahead, blasting away foam and rivals along the way to blow up with a massive explosion in the end.

We hope you’re excited to get your hands on these foam-flinging heroes. To help you get started, here are some very quick tips to give you the edge over your opponents:

  • Foaming up your rivals isn't enough - you have to surf into them to knock them out!

  • If you see a teammate has been foamed up, you can surf into them to release them. Nothing's more satisfying than depriving your opponent a takedown!

  • Enemy foam will slow you down, so try to stay away! Alternatively, replace it with your own foam - the more you're on your own bubbles, the better!

  • You can use foam to build up walls, create towers to get the high ground and more. Work with your team to find creative ways to outwit your opponents!

  • Remember that skills are there to be used! They recharge over time, and can also give them a boost by spreading foam around the arena or covering your rivals. Don't be afraid to unleash them - they can be real game-changers! You

  • Finally, experiment and have fun. There's a lot of depth in FOAMSTARS, so play with the different characters, try out their skills and before long, you'll find a playstyle that suits you. And have a great time doing so!

We hope you enjoy the Open Beta Party and we’ll have much more to share about the game in the future. Be sure to follow the team on social media to stay up to date with news and updates!